How to ?

How to watch Full Recorded videos ?

  • Under each video you have to click on Watch Full Video button. (DOWNLOAD)
  • Once it will open you will be sent to and you will be able to download Full Recorded Video & watch it Offline
  • VLC player is recommended for viewing our vids. (For Ipad and Iphone users, we recommend Chrome browser for certain vid types to be able to download them.)

Please NOTE: All videos are marked as PREMIUM and to can watch a full video you will need a PREMIUM account from RapidGator.Net File Hosting!

Why should I get PREMIUM subscription from ?

  • When you get a PREMIUM subscription you can DOWNLOAD without limits any of your favorite model videos and you support us to add more and more videos!

How to Report a video ?

  • If you are the owner of the video and own Copyright  please use the Report button !

Where do I find the Report button ?

  • Under each video, down in the right corner you will find the Report button!

 How to Remove my profile from ?

  • To remove your profile from Cam Archive you will need to be logged in and navigate to Edit Profile and there you will find Delete account form !

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to Contact us!